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How to Change the World with Mayan Worry Dolls supporting Niños de Guatemala

Updated: Feb 20

Examples of Mayan Worry Dolls you can buy to support How to Change the World with Mayan Worry Dolls supporting Niños de Guatemala with From the Mayan

The Tradition of Worry Dolls 

Worry dolls, those tiny companions that listen to our troubles and offer solutions, trace their origins back to an ancient Mayan tradition. The process is simple: you confide your worries to these diminutive figures and place them under your pillow. As you sleep, they weave their magic, providing advice through dreams. In the morning, you express gratitude and keep them close until your worries dissipate. 

When Worries Exceed Doll-Sized Solutions 

Guatemala is a country where many children face the harsh realities of poverty and lack of education. According to UNICEF (2021), more than half of the children in Guatemala live in poverty, and less than 70% finish primary school. This puts them at a disadvantage for their future opportunities and well-being. Guatemala needs urgent action to address the root causes of child poverty and improve the quality and access of education for all children.

Partnering with Niños de Guatemala (NDG) 

Recognizing this pressing need, we decided to collaborate with Niños de Guatemala (NDG), a nonprofit organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala. NDG focuses on education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship within local communities. 

Young people in school thanks to Niños de Guatemala

The Impact of NDG 

Founded in 2006 by Marten Dresen, a compassionate Dutch traveler, NDG was born out of a poignant encounter. Marten gifted a pair of shoes to a barefoot girl named Mirna, and her heartfelt gratitude left an indelible mark. He realized that education was the key to altering the fate of Guatemalan children. 

A Niños de Guatemala School with kids playing

Education Beyond the Traditional Curriculum 

NDG operates three schools, serving over 500 students from low-income families. These schools go beyond the conventional curriculum. Alongside academic subjects, they incorporate art, music, sports, health, nutrition, and psychology. But it doesn’t stop there—parents actively participate as volunteers, attending workshops and training sessions. 

A classroom with kids going to school made possible by Niños de Guatemala

The Art of Making Worry Dolls 

Making worry dolls isn’t merely a craft—it’s a bridge between generations and a lifeline for Guatemalan artisans. These skilled artisans handcraft each worry doll using natural materials and traditional techniques. 

For these women, creating worry dolls is a labor of love—a source of pride that sustains their families. They pass down their expertise to their children and grandchildren, ensuring that the tradition lives on. 


We donate 20% of our profits to NDG 

When you purchase our worry dolls, you’re doing more than acquiring a unique product. You’re making a tangible difference: 

  • Preserving Culture: By supporting worry doll artisans, you help preserve a rich cultural tradition. 

  • Empowering Mayan Women: These women, with their hands and hearts, shape each doll. Your purchase empowers them. 

  • Inspiring Dreams: Guatemalan children, dreaming of a brighter future, benefit from NDG’s programs. 

  • Positive Impact: Your choice ripples through Guatemala, creating lasting change. 

So go ahead—order your worry dolls today. Support NDG and our skilled Mayan artisans. You’ll be glad you did. And so will they. 


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