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Artisan History

Welcome to From the Mayan, where we proudly stand as the #1 largest producer and exporter of authentic Mayan handicrafts. Our journey is rooted in the rich tapestry of Mayan culture, a story woven through centuries of traditional artistry in the highlands of Guatemala.

Antigua, the beautiful Guatemalan city that is home to From the Mayan collective of local artisans



Our story began with a simple, yet profound mission: to bring the unparalleled craftsmanship of ethnic Mayan artisans to the world stage. The Mayan community, known for their deep connection to their heritage, has passed down artistic techniques from generation to generation. These skills, ranging from intricate textile weaving to detailed ceramics and vibrant beadwork, are not just crafts, but a language of culture, history, and identity.



At "From the Mayan," we believe in more than just preserving these ancient techniques; we strive to empower the artisans behind them. By providing a global platform, we ensure these talented individuals receive fair compensation, recognition, and the opportunity to sustain their livelihoods while keeping their traditions alive.

Mayan artisans creating art for From the Mayan in Guatemala
A Guatemalan artisan creating Mayan worry dolls for Wholesale



Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We work closely with the Mayan communities to ensure that our production processes are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. This commitment extends to using local materials, supporting local economies, and promoting ethical practices that benefit both the artisans and their environment.


Cultural Heritage

Each piece in our collection tells a story, a piece of history from the Mayan civilization, renowned for its rich cultural heritage. The colors, patterns, and designs found in our handicrafts are deeply symbolic, reflecting the beliefs, cosmology, and the natural beauty of the Mayan highlands.

Mayan people in Guatemala
mayan women in Guatemala - ready to create your wholesale Mayan products



As the leading ambassador of Mayan handicrafts, "From the Mayan" promises to continue this legacy of artisanal excellence. We are dedicated to showcasing the unique beauty of Mayan art to the world while fostering the growth and development of the communities that create them.

Join us in celebrating and preserving the extraordinary artistry of the Mayan people. Each purchase not only brings a piece of Mayan history into your life but also supports the artisans who are the heart and soul of our mission.

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