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Image collage showing a Mayan Woman creating Mayan Worry Dolls

From The Mayan People To You: Handcrafted Mayan Worry Dolls and Handicrafts in bulk for wholesale






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In support of ethnic Mayan artisans in the highlands of Guatemala

Proud to be part of "Sello Blanco"

The Sello Blanco is a prestigious recognition granted by the Guatemalan Government to outstanding Guatemalan producers and manifactures. It highlights their excellent quality in the domestic and international markets and their commitment to social responsibility by creating employment and contributing to the economic, environmental. cultural and historical development of the country. 

The Sello Blanco badge is a prestigious recognition granted by the Guatemalan Government to outstanding Guatemalan producers.
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The Mayan Connection: How Mexican and Guatemalan People Share a Rich Cultural Heritage

Did you know that Mayan culture is not only confined to one country, but spans across several regions in Latin America like Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras? The Maya people have a common history and culture that dates back thousands of years, and they still inhabit the area today. Their heritage is rich and diverse, and they celebrate it through various forms of expression, such as festivals, ceremonies, dance, and handicrafts. One of their most famous handicrafts are the Mayan Worry Dolls, which are believed to take away one’s worries.

At From the Mayan, we are proud to offer you authentic Mayan Worry Dolls and other handicrafts, made by local artisans who live in small communities in the Guatemalan mountains. They use traditional techniques and materials that reflect the ancient Mayan civilization.

We ship our wholesale products worldwide and provide information and stories about the Maya culture and heritage. We invite you to appreciate the Mayan connection that unites Guatemalan, Mexican, and other Mesoamerican people even today.

Mexican, Guatemalan and other Mesoamerican people share the Mayan heritage, this maps show, where the Maya lived and still do today
Bundle of Mayan Worry Dolls in vibrant colors

Mayan Worry Dolls - A shared handicraft tradition for Mexican, Guatemalan, and other Mesoamerican people

From The Mayan, your source of authentic and ethical Mayan handicrafts.


Based in Guatemala we are working with local artisans to create handcrafted Mayan Worry Dolls, crochet balls, and other handicrafts that reflect the rich Mayan heritage and culture shared by the people of Mexico, Guatemala, and other Mesoamerican people event today. Whether you are a wholesaler, a retailer, or a craft lover, we invite you to explore our collections and discover the beauty and quality of our products. 

Hands holding Mayan Worry Dolls in vibrant colors

High quality: Handicrafts that are made from durable, natural, and colorful materials, such as cotton, wood, and ceramic.  

Example of Mayan Worry Dolls in premium packaging
Cute Mayan Worry Dolls in foil packaging

Competitive price: Handicrafts that are priced fairly, transparently, and affordably, without compromising on quality or ethics.  

Eco-friendly materials: Handicrafts that are made from organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials.

A mini Mayan Worry Doll Being crafted
Lovely Mayan woman with great Crafting skills

Social responsibility: Handicrafts that are made by local artisans who are paid fairly, treated respectfully, and supported by our social programs. 

Originality: Handicrafts that are unique, creative, and meaningful, reflecting the Mayan heritage and culture. 

Mayan artisan weaving beautiful fabrics used for wholesale products at From the Mayan - directly from Guatemala to your business
Our dedicated From The Mayan team - trusted partner in Mayan Worry Dolls and handicrafts for wholesale

Why choose us?

  • We offer attractive wholesale prices and lead time. 

  • We ship to any destination in the world, by air or sea.

  • We create eye-catching packaging designs that suit your distribution needs.

  • We can tailor our products and packaging to your specifications.

  • We provide prompt feedback and samples for your approval.

  • We assign a personal account manager to assist you throughout the order.

Mayan Worry Dolls: more than toys

Worry dolls, or Muñeca quitapena, are tiny dolls that help people cope with their worries and fears. They represent the rich Maya culture, a vibrant and enduring culture still thriving today in Mexico, Guatemala and other Mesoamerican countries.


To learn more about Mayan Worry Dolls and their link to Mayan Culture, read our blog post "How Mayan Worry Dolls Can Help You Connect With The Maya Culture, History, and Heritage":

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