What are your worries?

Want the perfect addition to a gift bag or maybe something to support your cause?

Tell us your ideas and we'll customize a design

Wedding Gift Bags

Are you a wedding planner looking for something unique to add to the gift bags? The Worry Doll couple can be customized with names and characteristics of the lovely couple - it'll be a hit!

NGO Worries

What concern are you tackling? Is it removing the plastic in the ocean, feeding the homeless or something else? Help your cause stand out with a customized Worry Doll with your logo and cause.

College Students

College freshmen have plenty to worry about! Want the Worry Doll match the college name, colors or even mascot? Either way, you'll help the students say worry-free and have the time of their lives.

Political Worries

There is no denying it - the 2020 election is getting closer and we're excited! Have us create a Worry Doll of your favorite candidate or maybe even the source of your worries. Perfect for campaigning and rallies. 


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