You can count on us to get your order to you!

With 25 years of experience in exporting handicrafts, we also have 11 years

of continued service working directly with cargo shippers. We fill out the

paperwork, supply quotations, and reserve space for your shipment, whether

you need the merchandise sent directly or you would like to send via our

shipping office in Denmark. Read more about our shipping services.

We greatly appreciate your business with us! Whether you are working with

us to receive samples Mayan Handicrafts or you have an order in production,

here we provide you with instructions on how to directly deposit to our

accounts. Below you can find our company's policy on sending Maya

Handicrafts samples.

Minimum order:

US $3,000 or 10 display boxes of each item you would like. If the items are packed in pieces, MOQ

is 500 pcs per item. Once the proforma invoice has been issued, the Client has to review and sign it

for approval. In this term, the client agrees to make the corresponding payment for the proforma.


We ask for 50% at the time of the order (to commence production) and the rest of the payment

(or 50% of the order) when goods are ready to ship.


Our lead time is 6 to 8 weeks from the date of received deposit & depending on the products

included in your order. Exact shipping date is provided upon receipt of your confirmation deposit.


We can quote you the shipping costs based upon your order. We ship by sea and air, to our

European-based clients we can offer the option of a sea shipment through our logistics office in

Denmark which distributes orders to their final destination by land from there; this offers a less

expensive shipping cost. We can also ship directly to your clients, when it is necessary and

preferable for you. You can also work with your choice of carrier or forwarder!


All of our prices are FOB Guatemala City (by air), or FOB Santo Tomas de Castilla (by sea, Atlantic)

or FOB Puerto Quetzal (by sea, Pacific).


We attempt to work with your barcode system. You can send us the artwork in PDF or JPEG or you

can send us the stickers ready to place on the products.

Supportive Marketing Plan:

Our display box labels and display cards can be customized for you!

Customized Packaging Offer:

When you purchase at least 10 display boxes per item or at least 1000 pcs when items do not

come in a display box, we will change our English text to your language and add your logo.

When your purchase reaches FOB $10,000 or more, we will add any of your customized

information (barcode information, company logo, etc.) to the front label on the box, where our

logo is (From the Mayan People to You).

When your purchase reaches FOB $20,000 or more, we will customize our display boxes to your

liking ‐‐ are they too large in size? Would you like less pieces? Are pegs necessary to hang the

item? All of these details will be accommodated for.



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