We greatly appreciate your business with us!

Here are some commonly asked questions, but please if there is anything that you are not clear about feel free to contact us!

1. Is there any discount for large quantities?

No, all our prices are wholesale prices and have been carefully studied to give you the best offer and a fair price point for your business.

 2. Can you add barcodes?

Yes, we can certainly work with your barcode system. The MOQ for this is 10 boxes or 1000 pcs of the same code. If the quantity is less, but you still need barcodes there will be an additional charge of $0.10 per piece.

 3. Can you customize the packaging?

Yes, you can customize labels and the display boxes with your logo, website and language.

The MOQ for this is 10 boxes of the item or 1000 pcs.

 4. How long does it take for the sea shipments to get to their final destination?

It takes 30 days for the ship to arrive to Denmark and 15 more days for orders to be distributed by truck to its final destination.

 5. Can you send commercial goods from other companies in the container?

No, our services to third parties in the container are only for those people who have lived in Guatemala and are moving back to Europe. Only personal goods are accepted.

 6. If you get large orders will this cause a delay in production?

No, From the Mayan works with more than 60 artisan groups. The size of these groups grow depending on the demand we have. Therefore we can keep the same lead-times.

There are only certain exceptions based on the availability of some raw materials, but this is notified in due time.

 7. Can you handle customized designs?

Yes, our company works as a producer inside Guatemala. With our materials and your ideas, we can work together to produce your designs. These designs are guaranteed exclusive to your company alone and will be 100 % handmade in Guatemala.

 8. How do the artisans get the money?

They get a direct payment on the goods they turn in that meet the quality criteria we have defined for each product.

 9. Are you fair-trade?

We currently do not possess the fair-trade certification but do work under fair-trade practices.

 10. Are you socially responsible?

Yes, From the Mayan People to You is a company committed to improve the lives and communities of our artisans.  We have already built four schools and in our search for new social projects we came across an organization that works several projects around the many rural communities of Lake Atitlan, San Antonio Palopó being one of them and a community where many of our artisans come from. We are in the process of helping them raise money to build a health center. Are you interested in donating, you can go to





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